Dettaglio del progetto 2021

experience-of-color-in-architecture-a-design-for-a-place-of-contemplation / Wiktor Gago

Progettista capogruppo Wiktor Gago
Location Ruchenka, Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland
Ulteriori partecipanti
Relatore prof. nzw. dr. inż. arch. Anna Maria Wierzbicka
Università Warsaw University
Facoltà Architecture
Nazione Università Polonia

Descrizione del progetto

The project is a story of a subjective view on pretext architecture, about a house which has been created to be looked at. About a place which for many may be a kind of sacred place. It is a place of contemplation. It is a space of colour and its natural source. The object is based in nature. It complements nature, allows to observe the forest from a different new perspective. It was design with a language derived from elements and infrastructure of a forest. The main area located at the highest level was created by putting together 12 painting supports. Each wall comprises 3 looms covered with linen which may revolve around their own axes. The painting supports, which define the contemplation space, will be painted once a year by a chosen artist. The room has a variety of arrangement possibilities.

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