Dettaglio del progetto 2021

dominican-convent-in-nisida-islet / José C. Díaz Linares

Progettista capogruppo José C. Díaz Linares
Location Naples, Italy
Ulteriori partecipanti
Relatore Alejandro Virseda
Università Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Facoltà ETSAM _ Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Nazione Università Spagna

Descrizione del progetto

What should a convent be in the 21st century? How could this ancient way of life be attractive to new generations?
A convent is a city within another city, but nowadays there is no link between both. These institutions have stayed in the past and they are like islands inside society. This sacred building must be a homothety of the city. We have to catch the main values of the town and translate them into the project idea.
Naples was created by the Romans using their colony structure. The main structure of the city is still there, but other parts are underground like the catacombs. Actually, there are two worlds and churchs are the connection between both. The churchs’ role is key in Naples: they are eye-catcher in the old city with their domes and around them, the public spaces are generated.
This project translates these concepts to the new convent in Nisida Islet, even though the project also takes into account the main values of this ancient institution and site features (genius loci).
All the buildings are located at the top of this island to take advantage of the views and the convent tops off the main street at the lowest point of the top. The project is conceived as a platform that generates a public space. Five volumes emerge from this platform: church, library, chapter house, refectory and cells. They are growing up in height continiung the circular form of the islet and adapting to ground surface. The spaces between these volumes frame the views. This platform is covered by a wooden light lattice structure that has a double function: acting as the eye catcher and giving shadow to the public space.
The underground part contains religious program.The cloister has a singular place in the heart of the building, it is the space where you connect with the site and with your soul. There you can hear the waves of the sea, you can touch the limestone, you can feel the warmth of the sun…
That is what a convent should be in this century: the place to reconnect with yourself.

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